The Craft Room

I have many hobbies including leatherwork, book binding, painting, and various textile projects. Currently, I've mainly been working on leatherworks so thats what will be shown right now. I do plan on adding more updates as I start or rediscover projects.

I have been doing leather work and bookbinding since 2020. I picked them up as a hobby during the beginning of the pandemic and I've been improving ever since. I plan on sometime in the future starting an online shop for commissions so keep an eye out for that! (I say acting like I've worked on anything in months and havent been planning on opening commissions for the past 6 months). I might sometime include photos of the leather jacket I have been decorating. We'll see what I'm working on when I next update this.

Serpent Book

The first leather book I ever made was in 2021 when I got a roll of leather for Christmas and decided to make a gift for a friend. I had no prior experience in leather work or carving other than youtube videos and the thirty or so minutes I spent practicing on some leather scraps. Surprisingly, it turned out alright.

The cover is 5-6 oz leather that I carved and I glued two thin leather panels to the inside of hte cover and then stitched them in place to hide the rough side of hte leather.

I dont have the best camera so these photos arent the best quality

A red leather book with a bronze serpent carved into the cover

Moon and Turtle Books

These next two books were made as a pair for christmas presents. They were later in 2021 closer to december. These two were the second and third books I had ever made and I made them in the same way as the first one. However, the dye turned out much darker than I had wanted. Instead of being rich colors like the red, they looked almost black unless you looked at them in the right light.

I do not have a finished photo of the turtle book as I finished it an hour before giving it away and didnt think to take a photo.

A red leather book with a bronze serpent carved into the cover A red leather book with a bronze serpent carved into the cover

Purple Collar

I just finished this project last month in May 2022. It was a collar that a friend commissioned me with silver faux fur lining and a silver norse knot carved down the length. It took a couple weeks to finish and was my hardest simply because getting the right length was so important and surprisingly hard to get right. I didnt take into account the thickness of hte leather changing how it fits so it ended up being an inch shorter than I expected. Still fit well though.

Red Collar

This collar I worked on at the same time as the purple collar and finished around the same time. It is a similar style to the other one with a couple small design differences. Mainly the spikes and studs, the strap of leather down the length instead of a carving, and the second layer of leather instead of faux fur. The stitches were really scratchy so I sewed a small ribbon on the inside. It doesnt fit the color at all, but it fulfills it purpose and no one will see it when its being worn anyways.