Welcome To My Den!

Disclaimer: I made this site with firefox and I have learned recently that google and other browsers function differently so this might be slightly scuffed if you're on a different browser. I am new to all of this. Also, this site absolutely does not work on phones. If you are on a phone, procede at your own risk. You have been warned.

Welcome to The Den of Crafts and Knowledge! This website works as both a way to store various information from my midnight quests for knowledge and as a way for me to show off my projects! I started this website mid April 2022 and this was my first venture into coding so please be understanding. There will be no schedule for updating, I will simply surprise you with new stuff whenever I find something new. Hopefully it will be entertaining for you though.

This is a new layout that I am testing out as of June 7th and I will be slowly converting the whole website during my free time. The template is from this website and the dragon art is by iguanamouth on tumblr!

About Me

What you may call me: Orion

※ trans masc nonbinary

※ (self diagnosed) autistic

pronouns: he/him

Social media: My tumblr is EatMyGayFist

favorite animal: foxes, crows, and magpies

favorite flowers: fox gloves, bleeding hearts, and snapdragons

favorite hobbies: probably leather work, painting, and (as of a couple weeks ago) working on this website

※ I have dabbled in karate, taekwondo (though that was long enough ago that it probably doesnt count as i have forgotten all of it), soccer, basketball, axe throwing, archery, and tai boxing

※ I have two cats named Chaos and Mayhem Cat-astrophy, a dog named Havoc Dog-zilla, and a hedgehog named Virgil

※ Some things that I have learned over time is sewing, cross stitch, embroidery, book binding, leather work, and painting with acrylic and watercolor

update log:

6/30/2022: A new section has been added onto the facts page about grass lawns and alternatives. Plus a new page on ground cover that can be accessed there. Next on the list is edible landscaping and cottage style gardens.

6/23/2022: Leather work has been fully moved over to new format. currently working on a page on plants and turning the animal facts into a general facts page

6/9/2022: Animal facts has been converted to the new format! still no new content, but that is next on the list after moving the leather working page.

6/8/2022: New format for the home page! Next things on the to do list is updating the rest of the site and adding a couple more pages

4/28/2022: Animal facts page is up with some corvid facts!

4/25/2022: Leather working page is here!